Thursday, 3 March 2011

How Much Does a Taxi Cost Per Mile?

Taxicabs are very important means of transportation. It offers a lot of advantages compared to other types of overland transport systems. If you are in a hurry, a taxi can get to you to where you want to be in a speed of light, but if you have the all time in the world to wait for a person out his house, you can hire a taxi to wait with you.

In spite of the advantages it has, the cost of this transportation may be considered a setback. There are lots of people complaining of what they claim as the exaggerated cost of taxis. For people to understand on how they are billed for riding a taxi, it is advised to know the cost of a taxi ride for every mile it travels.

The cost of a taxi per mile greatly depends on which city you are in because each has their own rules and regulations in the operation of taxis within their city which include the program of the taximeters. A taximeter is device that helps the taxi drivers in calculating the right amount to bill a passenger of the service it offered. The calculations of the taximeter greatly depend on the distance traveled and the time it took to get to the passenger's destination. In New York City, the plug down rate (initial pay for hiring the taxi) is $2.50 and this number increase by 40 cents every fifth of a mile, so the cost of taxi in New York City per mile is around $2. If you are in Miami, Florida the plug down or flag pull rate is $2.25 and in every 1/9 of a mile, a charge of $0.2 is made, so the cost of taxi in Miami is $1.80 which is the same in Dallas. The calculations of taxi of taxi cost are a little complicated in Denver and is dependent on the operators of the vehicle. The estimated per mile cost of taxies in Denver are $2.25 for Metro Taxi and Yellow Cab and $1.80 for Freedom cab.

Again, the cost of taxi per mile is greatly relies on which city you are riding the cab. You're going to find that many cities and states, as well as countries are going to greatly vary. If you're in a particular town / country, it would be best to get quotes online before calling a cab.

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